Midland Cheese: Giclee Print KS Edition

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Midland Cheese: Giclee Print KS Edition


Giclee print on archival paper

Edition of 10

Numbered and signed

297 x 420mm (including border, image 195 x 297mm)

Also available framed (£65) by collection from Nottingham:

email georginabarney@gmail.com to order

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Extract, 'Notes from first Stilton-making day at Quenby', GB Farming


Food a story about movement:

journey from animal to human, field to fork, milk to cheese;

movement between farms, shops, dairies, processors, butchers, abattoirs;

veins of mould travelling outwards from the centre of Stilton cheese like roads on a map from a town into the countryside;

Stilton a place where the cheese was sold at the first stop north on the journey out of London