Among Barney’s accounts of the physicality of the farming work, the cold showers and early starts, and her felt-tip drawings of sunrise colours reflected in the black plastic wrap of silage bales, we get a sense of the variety of contemporary farming in the UK… Contemporary projects like these follow their predecessors in recording farming life at yet another period of significant transition, and arguably of crisis. Rosemary Shirley and James Wilkes, ‘Back to the Land’, Apollo, April 2018

In 2007 artist Georgina Barney undertook an eight-month journey around fourteen farms across the island of Great Britain from livestock to arable, organic and conventional family farms, an activist eco-community, a city farm and an industrially-scaled agribusiness.

This moving and inspiring collection of texts, drawings and photographs tells the story of her journey. With a new introduction by François Matarasso and bookended by the artist's reflections ten years later, this book is a unique chronicle of agriculture, landscape and the place of Great Britain for our time.

Initially funded by the Arts Council England and supported by Farming & Countryside Education, GB Farming has been published to celebrate the ten year anniversary of the journey with the support of 61 Kickstarter backers.


Extracts available as free downloads:

from '2017'

from 'Fourteen Farms: Broxfield'

from '2017'