'GB Farming' is successfully launched!

Added on by Georgina Barney.


In the first 24 hours donors helped me raise 25% of my target amount for GB Farming and on Day 3 it's still going strong. We're heading towards the 50% mark as I write from Small Food Bakery where I'm exhibiting artwork over the course of the campaign. 2 out of 3 drawings have flown off the virtual shelves, as well as several 'Playmobil 07' screen prints and a number of books from the first edition. Kickstarter themselves have also chosen 'GB Farming' as a "project we love". 

Thank you so much to everyone who's donated already. It means everything to me: not just that I'll be able to bring the book into the world and out of my head; but just as importantly your commitment to my work and to 'GB Farming' as an important project, is hugely encouraging. 

I'm really excited about the remaining days of the campaign, looking forward to two events in particular: tomorrow at Whirlow, a farm I visited during 'GB Farming' during it's Open Farm Sunday event; and later in June at the Science Museum, where a special collection of dioramas speak of farming in the capital.  I hope to see you there!  Please help keep the campaign rolling by sharing information about the campaign, and the events below, with friends and contacts.

Many thanks, Georgina x

Pop-up Exhibition Sunday 5th June 2016 11am - 4pm in The Cruck Barn, Whirlow Hall Farm Trust Sheffield S11 9QF. Visit the exhibition and observe sheep-shearing during Open Farm Sunday

Closing Discussion Wednesday 29th June 2016 7:30-9pm in The Agriculture Gallery, Science Museum Exhibition Road, London SW7 2DD Hosted by Haystacks with guests Guy Smith, Vice President of the National Farmers Union and Kate Genever, artist and farmer.